Balance between oak wood and Lapitec® sintered stone

Project: Private Kitchen
Completion date: January 2018
Material used: Ebano, Vesuvio
Application: Kitchen countertop
The wooden and Lapitec® kitchen designed by architect Michele Mezzina is part of an important renovation project of a three-storey building of 200 square metres per floor: an imposing building that has been completely transformed both externally and internally. The enclosure, in fact, has been completely redone by dismantling the existing roof, and replacing it with a new one, while new terraces and cantilevered balconies have been added that have completely renewed the external appearance of the house.
Even the interiors have been substantially revised: specifically, the attic floor that houses the kitchen has been distorted to accommodate a large kitchen area, with a central island dedicated to the flames and the sink. The protagonists of this space are wood and Lapitec®.

The wooden kitchen by Michele Mezzina

The architect has chosen a very suggestive natural wood, a gnarled oak, which has been used to completely cover the equipped wall and which extends to "L" on another wall that hides access to the room that houses the laundry. The effect is that of a boiserie decorating a surface of more than 15 square metres (more than three in height, up to the ceiling, making five and a half metres) inside which there are a fridge, a wine cellar, two extractable columns, a column with ovens and a central module with retracting doors.
For the internal structure of the kitchen, a Poplar plywood with 1mm laminate was used, while for the visible parts a strip of Poplar was chosen with lacquered Nodosa Oak. To obtain a more dynamic and harmonious aesthetic effect, moreover, the wooden planks were sewn to design, recovering and glueing the grain of sapwood and then reconstructing the grain pattern horizontally.

The choice of the Lapitec® worktop for the wooden kitchen

At the centre of the kitchen area stands a worktop made of a single sheet in Lapitec®. A compact and uniform surface, of 334 x 102 cm, which houses three fires and an induction hob on one side and a flush-recessed sink on the other. Above this block, a suction hood has been placed, always covered in oak wood. For this project, architect Mezzina has chosen full-sintered Lapitec® stone in the Vesuvius finish 12 mm thick: a finely-wrinkled surface with an extremely natural-to-the-touch effect. The chosen colour is Ebony, a warm shade that recalls the shades of the wood grain and harmoniously coordinates with the nuances of the handcrafted corten kitchen handles. In addition to the natural materiality typical of sintered Lapitec® stone, the material has been chosen for the technical characteristics that it provides: the plate, in fact, has a hardness and a high workability, while the fact of being anti-stain, resistant to heat and acidic agents make Lapitec® a very versatile and functional surface for everyday use.


Architect: Michele Mezzina
Carpentry: Mobilificio D'Arte Colantonio sas
Photographer: Giovanni Sacchetti