Lapitec® sintered stone in a dream villa facing the Pacific Ocean

Project: Private villa
Location: California (USA)
Completion date: January 2018
Material used: Bianco Polare, Satin and Lithos
Application: Facade Cladding, Ventilated Facades, Flooring, Pool Cladding
The technical features of Lapitec® are seen at their best in this prestigious villa in the San Diego Bay (California, USA).
An extraordinary project that illuminates one of the most beautiful beaches of California with authentic material par excellence, shown in one of its lightest and softest nuances,  Bianco Polare.
The saltiness, the UV rays, the sea breeze and the sudden changes in temperature between day and night, typical of places near the sea, led to the choice of Lapitec® not only for the interior, but also for the cladding.
Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the villa features sintered stone cladding, fixed on the outer part, with one of the retractable facade systems, model H1.
In particular for the interior and swimming pool cladding the Polar White was chosen with Satin finish, while for the external cladding and the ventilated walls the Bianco Polare with Lithos finish was selected, with its delicate and almost imperceptible depressions that are perceived in a new every time it is touched.
The alternating Lapitec® and glass windows recall the changes between the ocean, the beach and the sky.
An exclusive project that enhances even more the aesthetic and technical qualities of sintered stone.
Find out more about the advantages of using Lapitec® as a material for exterior cladding,  interior cladding and swimming pool cladding!