Panzerotteria Murà, Palermo (Italy)

Project Name: Panzerotteria Murà
Location: Palermo, Italy
Material: Bianco Crema, Satin
Application: work top
Architect / Designer: Studio Didea Architetti Associati

The Murà project presents a typical Apulian “panzerotto” shop (a fried calzone-type turnover) located in Palermo’s historical centre, in Via Maqueda.

The shop conjures up a family atmosphere which, although contemporary, is reminiscent of the kitchens of Southern Italy.

Special care went into the choice of materials: olive wood is used, for example - a material strongly linked to the region the panzerotto originates from.  Iron adds accents to the décor, and coordinates with the Lapitec in Bianco Crema, in the Satin finish, used for all the worktops, which also feature in the shopfronts opening onto the street.