Kitchen worktops: Bianco Assoluto by Lapitec® meets Artika by Pedini

Project: Artika Kitchen, Pedini
Completion date: March 2018
Materials used: Bianco Assoluto, Satin
Application: Kitchen worktops

A pure colour, like Bianco Assoluto, sinuous forms and various materials such as wood and metal: the 
Artika kitchen model by Pedini, featuring sintered stone worktops, emerges from the meeting between opposing elements. In fact, the Pesaro-based kitchen manufacturer is among the first companies to offer this nuance, presented together with Nero Assoluto by architect Marco Piva at the latest edition of Cersaie.

Satin finish sintered stone kitchen worktops

Already present in the Pedini catalogue, Lapitec® represents a versatile solution from the perspective of workability and features an intrinsic and natural tactile elegance. 12 mm Satin finish was chosen for the Artika model, thus creating an elegant surface that is silky soft to the touch. The characteristic satin appearance and the imperceptible roughness makes the surface easy to clean, it is the perfect collection for kitchen worktops and benches.

The Artika kitchen design harmoniously combines a satin-finish metal wall-mounted shelf unit and a worktop that evolves into an arc-shaped peninsula. The curved and enveloping lines embrace and circumscribe the worktop area with built-in sink and cooking area. The latter, in particular, is characterised by three Cooking Pits that stand out against the Bianco Assoluto, giving the entire kitchen a functional look and minimal aesthetic. A pastel-coloured natural wood countertop is placed along the outward edge of the curved peninsula.

The selection of various materials - sintered stone, metal, wood - simple and intimate forms and monochromatic colours contribute to the definition of a harmonious and welcoming kitchen designed to benefit the whole family.

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