Icecream Shop, Vicenza

Icecream Shop, Vicenza, Italy
Project Name: Icecream Shop
Location: Vicenza, Italy
Date of completion: September 2017
Material: Bianco Crema, Satin
Application: Icecream Shop counter top

​The glossy sheen of the Bianco Crema Satin finish marries perfectly the design of the new Capo di Latte ice cream shop in Vicenza, Italy.
In this case, Lapitec® has been chosen not only for its design and aesthetic qualities but also for its specific technical features that are essential for an ice cream shop: extreme workability, durability and resistance to low temperatures.
In fact, sintered stone has been used on both the ice cream counter, with its beautifully designed, closely placed compartments for the ice cream pans, and the client serving area.
Furthermore, the Satin finish is easy to clean, making it the ideal solution for foodservice companies that need to maintain extremely strict hygiene standards.